Open Water Touring Award

New for January 2019, over a 2 day ongoing training and assessment The Open Water Touring Award will progress and develop your ability in decision making and personal paddling skills on open water with winds up to force 4.

The award will endorse your previous judgment and decision making expertise and will require a good understanding of touring on open water or estuaries. Your confidence should be based upon both proficiency in skills and a broad appreciation of your surroundings and the environmental context.

Your award should be seen as a sound basis for independently building the experience and expertise associated with MULTI DAY TOURING AWARD holders.

All Kit and Equipment such as Wetsuits, Bouyancy Aids, Boats and Paddles are included.

Who this course is for: Touring paddlers who are already confident and efficient in paddling independently within the sheltered water environment wishing to explore other water ways in harsher conditions.

What we may cover: Kit and equipment, journey planning, navigation, weather conditions, group paddling, launching and landing, effective forward paddling, trimming and edging, steering, turning, moving sideways, stopping, external factors to our paddling, support strokes, safety of yourself and others, sailing, poling, tracking and lining.

What to Bring: Swimwear or Quick Drying layers to go underneath a wetsuit, an old pair of shoes you don’t mind getting wet and a towel. Fleeces and wool jumpers are an additional layer that can be worn in winter times. If you have your own wetsuit or drysuit and kit please bring it with you.

Duration: This is a two day course (you can choose how many additional days you may need to complete the award with us at £80 per day).

Cost: £160 inclusive of certification fees, full instruction and all equipment required.

Other Options: Too Advanced? Have you thought about the Paddle Explore Award? Too Basic? Have you thought about the Open Water Touring Award? Want to get into Leadership? Have you considered the Paddlesport Leader Award? Want to get into Coaching? Have you considered the Paddlesport Instructor Award or Coach Award?

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