BC 2 Star Training and Assessment

Course Aims:
These 2 day courses use both canoes and kayaks to give a broad range of skills. We will paddle together and you will be receive excellent coaching in kayak and open canoe.  At the end of the course, if you have reached the required standard, you’ll receive your BCU 2 Star Award. It couldn’t be easier!

For 2 star, you should be already be at 1 Star or equivalent standard and have completed at least one day trip as part of a led group. If you haven't completed a trip then this can be bolted onto the end of your course. Please see our options below.

The course will be run over 2 or 3 days depending on your needs. This award will be assessed on a continuous basis with each day being a training day and if candidates are up to the required standard at the end of the two or three days, and have the required assessment prerequisites, then they will also pass the assessment. The days normally run from 9am until 5pm (depending on time of year).

Course Price:
£95 for the two day programmes advertised (£140 for 3 day programmes). Additional dates can be added if these don't suit your needs so please contact us for more information.

Equipment required:

  • Your own canoe and/or kayak (canoes and Sit On Tops are available for use if you don't)
  • Dry suit or wetsuit that will keep you warm throughout the day.
  • Food and warm drink (to be taken on the river)
  • Dry land clothing suitable for outdoor use.

Course Content (in both canoe and kayak):

  • Personal Paddling skills
  • Lifting, Carrying and Launching / Landing
  • Efficient forward paddling
  • Steering the kayak or canoe
  • Manoeuvre in a confined space
  • Moving sideways
  • Preventing a capsize
  • Turning
  • Return to the bank and get out
  • Securing
  • Rescue Skills
    • Capsize, swim and self rescue
    • Peer rescue
  • Safety, Leadership and Group Skills
    • Personal risk management
    • Awareness of others
    • An assessed accompanied sheltered water journey
  • Theory
    • Equipment
    • Safety Hypothermia/First aid
    • Access
    • Environment
    • Planning

BCU certification fees:
If you are doing the assessment and you want the BCU certificate then there is an additional charge payable directly to the BCU.

If you normally carry other kit on the river, not listed above, please bring it along for the group to discuss.

Activity Dates, Availability and Booking:
Click on the activity dates below for more details, availability and details of how to book your place. Additional activities are run by arrangement. Please contact us for more information or to arrange an additional date.


22-07-2017 9:30 am - 23-07-2017 5:00 pm

This course will be run over 2 days due to other coaching commitments at a price of £95 per person.

Please note that a 3.5% fee will apply for bookings/deposits made through PayPal

£95.00 2